2013 — A year of colors.

Yeah, I kind of had this idea for quiet some time but then again, like always, it was sort of hard to find time to write down this post. But anyway, I guess better out than in. (if you know what I mean.) Aye, this post has been long overdue!


Top things I did this 2013:


1. Graduation. Every parent’s (and their wallet’s) dream come true—- and the beginning of every young adult’s nightmares.

2. Swimming with the dolphins. Yeah, I know it’s kind of ridiculous, but I’ve always loved dolphins and to be honest, that’s one crossed out off my bucketlist.

3. First Job. Despite all the tickle-tackles and the exhausting requirements and shit, it’s very fulfilling to finally land a job that actually pays my bills.

4. First overseas travel. Yes, took me that long to finally see what’s outside the Philippines. And I’m very lucky that I went to a very wonderful and culture-rich nation, South Korea. And I was lucky enough to have wandered alone during the first 24-hrs of my trip. Long story.


5. Growing up. Well, with all the things I had to do independently this year, it was quiet a journey. I’d like to think that my perspective changed a lot, including my priorities… and it’s a change I think I do like.

And yeah, this was supposed to be a new year type of post, but I didn’t want to get lost in the middle of all the other new year posts. I’m weird like that.