Job vs. Career

How I Met Your Mother is most definitely one of my top favorite TV shows. Not only does it make me laugh in every episode, but there are also a lot of takeaways for your career from certain episodes. Here are the five episodes that stuck with me:

WARNING: If you haven’t watched the show in its entirety, please turn back or you will be faced with spoilers. You have been warned. Thank you.

1. Taking Detours in Your Career Path (Best Burger in New York – Season 4, Episode 2)

Summary: In this episode, Marshall puts his lifelong dream to be an environmental lawyer to work for GNB after a long period of unemployment filled with dead-end interviews.

This, sadly, is a reminder of an important fact of life – you won’t always get to where you want to be right away or on your own terms.

When you’re…

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Best of the Best (TV serials)

…Aaaaand it’s me again Jose! And before anything else I do hope everyone’s having a fantastic holiday season 😉

Anyway, it’s the end of the year and among my previous blog accounts I always do some sort of countdown of random things. And since this year marks the year of survival, I’m making a special list! Something that I’m really in to. Honestly.

As most of you don’t know watching television series and reality shows are kinda my thing. Seriously, I’d like to believe that most of my free time is spent on watching interesting shows.. (I say interesting but whatever, I think they really are) To be quiet honest, even tho I had no free time I’d find a way. teehee 😛

So without any further rants and blah blahs, I’m giving you the list of the best episodes of different shows that I’ve watched since I got hooked to watching foreign shizznits. And for the benefit of everyone I’m posting the episodes which could be watched randomly.. Even if you’re not tuned in to that particular show.


1. CASTLE 2X19 Wrapped up in Death

I’m a fan of comedy. And for a show with not so “of-my-age” cast, I’ve been really hooked to this crime show. This episode by the way, is about the investigation of the death of a museum curator. I can go on and on about this but the elevator scene is unforgettably hilarious. I’d bet on Rick all the time for comedy 😀

2. COMMUNITY 1X12 Comparative Religion

I remember someone comment  “shows aren’t supposed to be this funny” on this program. And it really is, plus the plot of this show is quiet unique and relatable for a lot of people. This particular episode is Christmas themed so I actually just re-watched it recently. If you’re in for a touchy holiday…. you know the rest.

3.  THE VAMPIRE DIARIES 2X04 Memory Lane

Honestly this show’s following totally surprised me. Of all the popular shows on tv these days I never thought the storyline on this one would get so well rounded. And let’s face it, the Salvatore brothers obviously got every woman tongue tied. LOL but this episode is quiet melodramatic especially the last scene where Katherine (Nina Dobrev) made quiet a shocker to all her haters with that trip down to memory lane. Actually made me tear up quiet a bit. DON’T JUDGE!

4. BONES 6X21 Signs in the Silence

This show totally brings out the nerd in me. And i absolutely love it, because every episode is a different story. This one’s full of wonder, minus the child murdering the mean guy. It’s about a 15 yr. old deaf mute who was kidnapped by an abusive foster father and his battered wife. By the end of the episode I wished they get hit by a train or something. Too carried away haha sorry!

5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 10X20 The Last One 

Dude. It’s FRIENDS. The Last FUCKIN’ EPISODE. Need I explain more?

6. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER 3X08 Spoiler Alert

Lily’s Chewing and Marshall’s singing habit. You’d seriously crack up on this one. HIMYM is undeniably one of the best comedy-drama that deserves to continue in the long-run. My heart was shattered when I learned that it’s gonna be running season 9 as the last one 😦

7. MODERN FAMILY 3X10 Express Christmas

This series has a very special place in my heart for some reason I can’t explain. Maybe it’s because of Sofia Vergara or maybe ‘coz there aren’t a lot of family oriented shows on air anymore. I’m thinking it’s the first one. hahahaha! So anyway, I told you I love comedy, and Christmas episodes are always heartwarming. Who wouldn’t like an episode where you get the best of both worlds?

8. CHUCK 4X14 Chuck vs. the Art of Seduction

C’mon, Yvonne Strahovsky dancing like a stripper? Hah! That’s all you need to know on this one. Parental Guidance is recommended. jk 😀

9. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER 8X12 The Final Page

The RObin








Okay, HIMYM’s the only series that made it twice on my list. Clearly deserves to be though. Seriously, I think I’ve seen this one for like 5x already. And Barney Stinson‘s proposal was like no other. I’ve never been so jealous 😥 And again, I still can’t believe season 9 will be the last one!!! Life’s too unfair 😐


—–So that’s it guys. I’m saving the 10th spot for… well, I really don’t know. But I guess there’ll always be another one and another one. But for now, these are some of the episodes I really liked and up ’til now I’ve kept a copy of all these in my hard drive 😀 Getting pretty late here now so I gotta go before I doze off whilst typing this. Ciao! 😀


Flip Flops vs. The Philippine Government.

Hey hello! Wow it’s been a whiiiiiiile… But I’m here now 🙂

So anyway, you might be wondering what new burst of energy encouraged me to post a new entry, but I guess it’s just another one of those things that makes me want to barf. LOL i’m kidding. 

So I went to the City Hall of Las Pinas yesterday to apply for a cedula. And then, as I was passing by the entrance, there was another old lady wearing rubber slippers and carrying a woven basket and was begging the guard to let her in. I didn’t quite catch what her business inside actually is but I heard that she really needs to do it on that same day and that she travelled a long way just for that particular business. 

Then I also overheard the security guy saying that he can’t let her in because she’s wearing rubber slippers. And his exact words were “Mam di po pwedeng pumasok na ganyan ang suot na tsinelas” (You can’t come in wearing that kind of slippers ma’m)  I looked at the old woman’s face and I really wanted to punch the guard in the balls! (if only he wasn’t a 6-foot ogre!) 

Let’s just put it this way, it’s very well acceptable for me that some establishments don’t allow people wearing flip flops to enter especially private and business establishments. I would understand their intentions to keep their area as formal as it should be. But public establishments, especially ones that are run by the government, should give way to everyone. Regardless of what they wear and how they look. Rubber slippers, in a way, represents the lower level citizens of our society. And how they are kept out by those pathetic corrupt institutions very much reflects how the ones running it closes their doors to the ones who need their help. 

Gaaaah. Screw this dysfunctional country. I just had to post this. 

All those fairytales are full of sh*t.

I don’t even know what’s the use of using the ampersand instead of the letter “i” (pretty obvious even an 8-yr old knows what the word implies.) 

But anyway..  I recently heard the news about the plans of putting up a new theme park here in the Philippines. Disneyland Philippines. Word says the primary location will be somewhere in Subic. Well, not that I am such a major buzzkill but I find it really absurd. It’s against what the country’s tourism stands for. I’ve watched enough filipino documentaries growing saying that this tropical country is “very proud” of all its natural attractions, that we are blessed with all these so called gifts of nature… I mean, personally, I do enjoy all these simple joys in life. Having to go to the beach with family and/or friends, going uphill hiking on forests and stuff like that; I always prefer that rather than going to theme parks such as Star City and Enchanted Kingdom. Not that I haven’t gone to such places before, just a matter of preference. Besides, having another worldwide popular attraction such as that would mean there would be more people around the world coming over to this country everyday. Something which i believe would cause a lot of problems for the ones who live here.. I don’t even know why, but i know it will. HAHAHAHA 😉

Anyway, like I always say, that’s just me. Maybe some people are in favor of this… But whatever. I’m just saying that we’re probably not ready yet for this. All we can really do is just everything goes well and hope for the best for the Philippines, fairytales do come true, after all. 

Let’s slap the world’s face with rock n’ roll!


I know, the length of my absence here is waaaay to unforgiveable beyond all reasons. But then, hey, I had my own “academic” reasons. I felt that my frequent blogging consumed a lot of my personal time this semester that I had to take a break up until now, ‘coz it’s officially my summer break.. and I feel that I might just spend more time here than usual 😀 Now isn’t that good news? 😛

Soooooo, anyway I went to my college yesterday for some consultation with our mentors, and of course I was trying to check whether I was able to pass some of my accounting subjects (which I felt I was in real jeopardy at… LITERALLY) and so far, I’ve heard some really good news. Like some sort of thorn was struck out of my chest or something. Forgive my over-dramatic use of words by the way. I’m just way too relieved when I heard everything that I heard yesterday. I also totally forgot that all our grades haven’t been posted yet. HAHAHAHA! I was actually just talking about our accounting courses. But I’m staying positive about all other subjects 😉 Nevertheless, I’m ready to rock n’ roll this summer! (HELL YEAH!)


UNFORTUNATELY, I honestly don’t know what to do this next. So, I’ve been making a list of what to do this season.  Of course there’s driving school. I’ve been itching to learn how to drive since last sembreak. But I was way too preoccupied by a lot of things. Then there’re those interviews for a part-time job and internships which I’ve been ditching for the past 2 weeks (LOL. I hope they don’t do background checks!) and one other thing, which is taking the CB Exams. I wanted to be productive you know.

Buuuut, I’m guessing I won’t be able to do all that. Still keeping my options open. I’ll decide up until the Holy Week. Right now, I deserve a little “ME” time J

~whoah, how’s this long post after a looooooooooong time? HAHAHA! 

Humanity…. There is hope.

Yeah, so instead of making more excuses about how i haven’t blogged anything the past few days, allow me to just tell you about this experience i had the other day.

I was on my way to school, you know, like the typical weekday. And I was waiting for an FX somewhere in the busy and dingy streets of manila when I saw a guy got down from a jeep and drop a P50 bill unknowingly. I was supposed to pick it up and run after the guy though, when another manwho was wearing tattered shirts, he did look like a beggar actually, who picked it up before I was able to reach  the money. At first I thought he was going to keep it to himself… To my surprise he was the one who ran after the guy who dropped the money and gave it back. 

Yes, I know it’s probably not a big deal for some of you guys,but I just realized how much I easily judge people for how they look. Something that needs a little bit of reflecting. So, maybe next time, I shouldn’t make any pre-judgement about others, especially if I don’t know that other person.

Come to think of it, I was actually touched by that small act of honesty. Pleased to know there are still people like that in this cruel society.