Koko Pancake Tower — by yours truly!

So i mentioned in the previous entry that the recipe was the one i made last week. Well, yesterday I also tried doing something a little more creative. (i think? hahaha!)

Anyway, another simple 30 min. dish, you’re probably wondering why I only make easy-to-do dishes… It’s just that it’s a real pressure to try to cook something that’s pretty complicated and time consuming… PLUS I usually get hungry too hungry when i cook. Or even just standing at the kitchen. –,

So here it is, simple pancake showered w/Chocolate Syrup and topped with Whole Grain Cereals (Koko Krunch) 


The Hunger James..

it never fails to make me laugh. i heard it from one of my friends in college while me and the others were talking about that book by Suzanne Collins. HAHAHA! She asked us what the title was, and then she thought she heard  ‘James’ and not ‘Games’ 😛 

anyway, i’m not here to talk about that. I’ve actually started a new habit of making brunch for everyone in the house for at least once a week. (oh yeah!) Most people actually think that i don’t even know how to cook, including my parents; which I’m not surprised considering that I am actually a VERY, VERY, LAZY fat kid. 

Then again… Since I can’t think of anything much to post on this blog, might as well share my creations here. HAHAHA! I’m not really good though.. I don’t know how to cook that well. I’m just trying survive. By defeating HUNGER. LOL 😀 

This was my first recipe last week. Chili Cheese Corned Tuna w/ Scrambled Egg. Yeah, pretty simple even a 6-yr old can do that! But honestly, it’s on of my fave Tuna Recipe since Tuna Sandwich. 

Very simple yet really heavy for the stomz 😉 Or maybe it was just the noodle factor, I kinda had some Pancit Bihon on the side too :)))