2013 — A year of colors.

Yeah, I kind of had this idea for quiet some time but then again, like always, it was sort of hard to find time to write down this post. But anyway, I guess better out than in. (if you know what I mean.) Aye, this post has been long overdue!


Top things I did this 2013:


1. Graduation. Every parent’s (and their wallet’s) dream come true—- and the beginning of every young adult’s nightmares.

2. Swimming with the dolphins. Yeah, I know it’s kind of ridiculous, but I’ve always loved dolphins and to be honest, that’s one crossed out off my bucketlist.

3. First Job. Despite all the tickle-tackles and the exhausting requirements and shit, it’s very fulfilling to finally land a job that actually pays my bills.

4. First overseas travel. Yes, took me that long to finally see what’s outside the Philippines. And I’m very lucky that I went to a very wonderful and culture-rich nation, South Korea. And I was lucky enough to have wandered alone during the first 24-hrs of my trip. Long story.


5. Growing up. Well, with all the things I had to do independently this year, it was quiet a journey. I’d like to think that my perspective changed a lot, including my priorities… and it’s a change I think I do like.

And yeah, this was supposed to be a new year type of post, but I didn’t want to get lost in the middle of all the other new year posts. I’m weird like that.



2013: No Regrets.

Thing is, I’m not as cool as those other bloggers out there. I don’t write really cool blog posts and it’s probably because there’s nothing much that inspires me to do so. But hey, that shouldn’t stop me from posting this New Year entry today. And probably more to come for this year. *i have my fingers crossed*

Anyway, Happy New Year to those who’ll come across this post. 2012 has been such a whirlwind for me, mostly. It wasn’t that awesome, but it wasn’t too bad either. Around this time last year I really had high hopes of “Epic-ness” to come for the year but to be honest I didn’t really feel it.. And to think a lot of people actually thought the world was going to end last December! (.. and don’t even dare to count me in)

Well, that’s just it. I’ve contemplated a little bit yesterday after I woke up with a massive hangover from welcoming 2013. Maybe it’s time to lower expectations and start doing things that will surprise myself. This year, THERE WILL BE NO REGRETS. NO MORE DISAPPOINTMENTS. I’ve come to this epiphany. Or whatever you’d call it. Trust me when I tell you not to set high expectations because, it’s somehow disappointing when you don’t achieve that. People who have high expectations don’t get the happiness they deserve. Just do your best everyday in everything… And like I said, surprise yourself. I’ve actually just done that since that last day of 2012, and thank God I did, ‘coz finally, I know what I have to do this year. I’ve never really said this before in my life but… DEAR 2013, I’M GONNA ROCK YOU. WE ALL SHOULD.

“It’s hard to know what you’d become if you give up..” |from Kelly Clarkson’s hit single, Dark Side|


Humanity…. There is hope.

Yeah, so instead of making more excuses about how i haven’t blogged anything the past few days, allow me to just tell you about this experience i had the other day.

I was on my way to school, you know, like the typical weekday. And I was waiting for an FX somewhere in the busy and dingy streets of manila when I saw a guy got down from a jeep and drop a P50 bill unknowingly. I was supposed to pick it up and run after the guy though, when another manwho was wearing tattered shirts, he did look like a beggar actually, who picked it up before I was able to reach  the money. At first I thought he was going to keep it to himself… To my surprise he was the one who ran after the guy who dropped the money and gave it back. 

Yes, I know it’s probably not a big deal for some of you guys,but I just realized how much I easily judge people for how they look. Something that needs a little bit of reflecting. So, maybe next time, I shouldn’t make any pre-judgement about others, especially if I don’t know that other person.

Come to think of it, I was actually touched by that small act of honesty. Pleased to know there are still people like that in this cruel society.

Best 5 years of TV Action-Comedy.

I know i haven’t posted much lately… Just finished our prelim week, and celebrated our University’s 400th yr anniversary.

Anyway, I came all the way down here just to post an entry dedicated to Chuck. You guys should know that Chuck is one of my favorite shows since Heroes. I actually just finished watching the season finale, which at the same time concludes the entire show. To be honest I got too emotional already on the 2nd to the last episode! I didn’t watch the finale until after 24 hrs because I can’t believe it was the end. Yes, go ahead, judge me for being the corny fangirl I am acting,like, right now but, I tuned in to that show for 3 fucking years for goodness’ sake! (yeah, i started watching while it was on the 3rd season, just downloaded the first 3 seasons)  The only show that I actually have the copy of all the episodes in my laptop.


Ugh, guess it’s useless to rant about my depression. I still can’t believe that 2 years of my life is finally over 😦

MAJOR CREDITS to Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovsky, Adam Baldwin, Joshua Gomez and all the rest of the cast and crew of this AWESOME SHOW 😥


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Warner Bros VIP Tour-28

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Cutting the story short….

Hey guys!  Be posting my photos from my last Paskuhan after-party with my super best buds in the world… It’s been so long since I’ve hung out with ’em. Thanks to my ever wonderful life schedule *insert sarcasm here* — But anyway, I’m not here to rant. Nothing else really makes me feel good inside and out than having fun with my favorite people on earth. And for this Christmas and the upcoming New Year, one of the things that I would always be thankful for is having friends like them. I haven’t been present for the past few night outs with the others, so I’m trying my best not to miss out anymore 😀 meet the MEANBOIS \m/



Well, since we’re at it. Life didn’t end at Paskuhan. We met up in Batangas and had a post-Christmas party (of some sort. LOL) And one of my friends had this crazy but really interesting idea of exchanging gifts. REALLY. Until now I still laugh at the thought of it :))))) We picked out papers with our names on it, then we went on an 15 minute shopping streak at out Plaza’s tiangge, more like a flea market in other terms, then we headed out to a friend’s place and had the gift-giving there. Mind you, it was hard to look for a 50 pesos worth item. LOL — TRUE STORY. It was fun, and crazy, for a change. HAHAHA! no I’m just kidding we’re always like that ~~