Flip Flops vs. The Philippine Government.

Hey hello! Wow it’s been a whiiiiiiile… But I’m here now 🙂

So anyway, you might be wondering what new burst of energy encouraged me to post a new entry, but I guess it’s just another one of those things that makes me want to barf. LOL i’m kidding. 

So I went to the City Hall of Las Pinas yesterday to apply for a cedula. And then, as I was passing by the entrance, there was another old lady wearing rubber slippers and carrying a woven basket and was begging the guard to let her in. I didn’t quite catch what her business inside actually is but I heard that she really needs to do it on that same day and that she travelled a long way just for that particular business. 

Then I also overheard the security guy saying that he can’t let her in because she’s wearing rubber slippers. And his exact words were “Mam di po pwedeng pumasok na ganyan ang suot na tsinelas” (You can’t come in wearing that kind of slippers ma’m)  I looked at the old woman’s face and I really wanted to punch the guard in the balls! (if only he wasn’t a 6-foot ogre!) 

Let’s just put it this way, it’s very well acceptable for me that some establishments don’t allow people wearing flip flops to enter especially private and business establishments. I would understand their intentions to keep their area as formal as it should be. But public establishments, especially ones that are run by the government, should give way to everyone. Regardless of what they wear and how they look. Rubber slippers, in a way, represents the lower level citizens of our society. And how they are kept out by those pathetic corrupt institutions very much reflects how the ones running it closes their doors to the ones who need their help. 

Gaaaah. Screw this dysfunctional country. I just had to post this. 


One thought on “Flip Flops vs. The Philippine Government.

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