All those fairytales are full of sh*t.

I don’t even know what’s the use of using the ampersand instead of the letter “i” (pretty obvious even an 8-yr old knows what the word implies.) 

But anyway..  I recently heard the news about the plans of putting up a new theme park here in the Philippines. Disneyland Philippines. Word says the primary location will be somewhere in Subic. Well, not that I am such a major buzzkill but I find it really absurd. It’s against what the country’s tourism stands for. I’ve watched enough filipino documentaries growing saying that this tropical country is “very proud” of all its natural attractions, that we are blessed with all these so called gifts of nature… I mean, personally, I do enjoy all these simple joys in life. Having to go to the beach with family and/or friends, going uphill hiking on forests and stuff like that; I always prefer that rather than going to theme parks such as Star City and Enchanted Kingdom. Not that I haven’t gone to such places before, just a matter of preference. Besides, having another worldwide popular attraction such as that would mean there would be more people around the world coming over to this country everyday. Something which i believe would cause a lot of problems for the ones who live here.. I don’t even know why, but i know it will. HAHAHAHA 😉

Anyway, like I always say, that’s just me. Maybe some people are in favor of this… But whatever. I’m just saying that we’re probably not ready yet for this. All we can really do is just everything goes well and hope for the best for the Philippines, fairytales do come true, after all. 


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