Let’s slap the world’s face with rock n’ roll!


I know, the length of my absence here is waaaay to unforgiveable beyond all reasons. But then, hey, I had my own “academic” reasons. I felt that my frequent blogging consumed a lot of my personal time this semester that I had to take a break up until now, ‘coz it’s officially my summer break.. and I feel that I might just spend more time here than usual 😀 Now isn’t that good news? 😛

Soooooo, anyway I went to my college yesterday for some consultation with our mentors, and of course I was trying to check whether I was able to pass some of my accounting subjects (which I felt I was in real jeopardy at… LITERALLY) and so far, I’ve heard some really good news. Like some sort of thorn was struck out of my chest or something. Forgive my over-dramatic use of words by the way. I’m just way too relieved when I heard everything that I heard yesterday. I also totally forgot that all our grades haven’t been posted yet. HAHAHAHA! I was actually just talking about our accounting courses. But I’m staying positive about all other subjects 😉 Nevertheless, I’m ready to rock n’ roll this summer! (HELL YEAH!)


UNFORTUNATELY, I honestly don’t know what to do this next. So, I’ve been making a list of what to do this season.  Of course there’s driving school. I’ve been itching to learn how to drive since last sembreak. But I was way too preoccupied by a lot of things. Then there’re those interviews for a part-time job and internships which I’ve been ditching for the past 2 weeks (LOL. I hope they don’t do background checks!) and one other thing, which is taking the CB Exams. I wanted to be productive you know.

Buuuut, I’m guessing I won’t be able to do all that. Still keeping my options open. I’ll decide up until the Holy Week. Right now, I deserve a little “ME” time J

~whoah, how’s this long post after a looooooooooong time? HAHAHA! 


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