Humanity…. There is hope.

Yeah, so instead of making more excuses about how i haven’t blogged anything the past few days, allow me to just tell you about this experience i had the other day.

I was on my way to school, you know, like the typical weekday. And I was waiting for an FX somewhere in the busy and dingy streets of manila when I saw a guy got down from a jeep and drop a P50 bill unknowingly. I was supposed to pick it up and run after the guy though, when another manwho was wearing tattered shirts, he did look like a beggar actually, who picked it up before I was able to reach  the money. At first I thought he was going to keep it to himself… To my surprise he was the one who ran after the guy who dropped the money and gave it back. 

Yes, I know it’s probably not a big deal for some of you guys,but I just realized how much I easily judge people for how they look. Something that needs a little bit of reflecting. So, maybe next time, I shouldn’t make any pre-judgement about others, especially if I don’t know that other person.

Come to think of it, I was actually touched by that small act of honesty. Pleased to know there are still people like that in this cruel society.


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