Best 5 years of TV Action-Comedy.

I know i haven’t posted much lately… Just finished our prelim week, and celebrated our University’s 400th yr anniversary.

Anyway, I came all the way down here just to post an entry dedicated to Chuck. You guys should know that Chuck is one of my favorite shows since Heroes. I actually just finished watching the season finale, which at the same time concludes the entire show. To be honest I got too emotional already on the 2nd to the last episode! I didn’t watch the finale until after 24 hrs because I can’t believe it was the end. Yes, go ahead, judge me for being the corny fangirl I am acting,like, right now but, I tuned in to that show for 3 fucking years for goodness’ sake! (yeah, i started watching while it was on the 3rd season, just downloaded the first 3 seasons)  The only show that I actually have the copy of all the episodes in my laptop.


Ugh, guess it’s useless to rant about my depression. I still can’t believe that 2 years of my life is finally over 😦

MAJOR CREDITS to Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovsky, Adam Baldwin, Joshua Gomez and all the rest of the cast and crew of this AWESOME SHOW 😥


English: Logo from the NBC television program ...

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Warner Bros VIP Tour-28

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