Cutting the story short….

Hey guys!  Be posting my photos from my last Paskuhan after-party with my super best buds in the world… It’s been so long since I’ve hung out with ’em. Thanks to my ever wonderful life schedule *insert sarcasm here* — But anyway, I’m not here to rant. Nothing else really makes me feel good inside and out than having fun with my favorite people on earth. And for this Christmas and the upcoming New Year, one of the things that I would always be thankful for is having friends like them. I haven’t been present for the past few night outs with the others, so I’m trying my best not to miss out anymore 😀 meet the MEANBOIS \m/



Well, since we’re at it. Life didn’t end at Paskuhan. We met up in Batangas and had a post-Christmas party (of some sort. LOL) And one of my friends had this crazy but really interesting idea of exchanging gifts. REALLY. Until now I still laugh at the thought of it :))))) We picked out papers with our names on it, then we went on an 15 minute shopping streak at out Plaza’s tiangge, more like a flea market in other terms, then we headed out to a friend’s place and had the gift-giving there. Mind you, it was hard to look for a 50 pesos worth item. LOL — TRUE STORY. It was fun, and crazy, for a change. HAHAHA! no I’m just kidding we’re always like that ~~




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