RANT: The 7 things i hate about…. people.

Some random memory just crossed my mind… I remembered a conversation with my friend, Carrie, during our lunch in Tagaytay. We were talking about that Miley Cyrus song, “7 Things”… and as bored as I am tonight, I decided to make a list inspired by that song: THE 7 THINGS I HATE ABOUT PEOPLE. —> straight to the point.

1. People who think they know everything about me.

2. Pretentious bitches..!..


4.People talking about how busy they are just to avoid doing you a favor.

5.People who borrows VALUABLE things and never returns them. EVER.

6.People who are obnoxiously loud.

7.PEOPLE WHO DON’T READ MY BLOG. HAHAHAHA LOL I AM KIDDING. I intend to keep this 7th entry to myself. It’s kind of…. whatever.



and also, now that i mentioned Carrie, you can follow her here (TWITTER) :)) thanks for that conversation we had. I had something to blabber about. HAHAHA!


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