And alas! As much as i was pissed with what happened  this afternoon, what with all the hassle of forgetting my wallet in my bed and having to go back and forth to the mall just to get it…. Nothing can beat the excitement of having a (semi) new phone!

Hahaha, it’s not that much though, my mom recently got Apple’s latest blockbuster gadget, -THE- iPhone 4S (!) so she gave me her old phone… And  by the way, Ms. Siri never fails to amaze me. (Even though we don’t get each other sometimes. LOL) 

AAAAND THAT’S MY MOM’S PHONE. not mine! What I use at the moment is the good ol’ iPhone 3GS. HAHAHA! Much to my dismay though, at least I am using an iPhone. Well, she did mention that she still has to pay for the network plan for that phone anyway so I can’t use it here too, as much as I wanted to get the iPhone 4. I’ll just wait for another hand-me-down, i guess. LMAO >:)))

Well, I believe I have now officially been annointed as the Techie-Hand-Me-Down-er. If that’s even a term. HAHAHAHA!

~~still feeling guilty about what will happen to my iPod Touch and my Blackberry though. LOL 😀


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