Hey Daydreamer!

I’m baaaaaack! Not just back… I’m back and I’m truly OVERJOYED

I can’t go over all the details right now but, our retreat was full of surprises. Let’s just say that I actually surprised myself. I had so much fun with everyone, my friends, classmates, even w/ our cutie professors :”> 

Kidding aside, a lot of things happened… As usual, with me and the brady bunch around….THE DRAMA NEVER ENDS. But we get around you know, like we always do. Crazy is what crazy do. Guess there is no cure for that. Wow, that made me laugh. Hahahaha I LOVE MY FRIENDS!~~ ♥



I’m still waiting for the uploaded pics of my friends, also from my roomies, so be i could get into the story. But for now, lemme just say that our retreat wuzz fucking EPIC. Honestly, I learned a lot. And i would like to take this opportunity to thank my FRIENDS, MY ROOMMATES, MY CLASSMATES, AND ALL THE MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENTS, THE HOT PROFESSORS, AND EVERYONE ELSE INVOLVED AND MADE THIS RETREAT A REAL SUCCESS. 🙂 MY HEART STAYS WITH YOU AND NOT ONLY IN ANGEL’S HILLS!


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